A Study on the Fabric Trend in Sports Wear

최근 스포츠웨어의 소재경향에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.12.31


The recent trend of Sports Wear is seeking functionality and fashion at the same time, where the spread of sportism becomes caual style leading street fashion. Sports Wear is classified into active Sports Wear and Sports casual Wear, in which active Sports Wear is expanded to a mixture with Sports casual wear. The purpose of this study is to research the trend of materials used in active Sports Wear and Sports casual wear. Materials used for jacket/jumper, pants and t-shirts of active Sports Wear and Sports casual wear, and high-tech functional materials used for active Sports Wear have been analyzed. The results of the study are the following: a) Most of the materials used for Sports Wear are polyester, nylon, cotton, and a mixture of cotton and polyester. Active Sports Wear uses functional materials and texture such as Dri-Fit, which absorbs and dries fast, whereas Sports casual wear satin, cire and denim has been used to keep up with the trend rather than focusing in functionality: b) companies such as Nike and Adidas have used many high-tech materials to emphasize the functionality of Sports Wear, while Puma stresses on fashion rather than function, however uses spandex in order for the consumer to feel comfortable during physical activities; c) active Sports Wear in jacket/jumper, pants and t-shirts uses functional material and texture, however Sports casual wear uses satin and cire to keep up with the fashion trend rather than functionality; d) and Nike uses high-tech funtional materials for its Sports Wear in therma-fit, Clima-fit, Dri-fit and storm-fit, whereas Adidas uses Clirna-lite, Clirna-proof, Clima-warm, and Clirna-cool in their active Sports Wear.