Monitoring of Cut-Slope Behavior with Consideration of Rock Structure and Failure Mode

개착사면의 구조적 특성과 파괴양상을 고려한 계측 해석

  • Published : 2006.12.31


Analysis of slope behavior concerning the structural characteristics of field rock mass can be processed by virtue of borehole information of joint orientation and position acquired from DOM drilled core. Anticipated sliding potential of pre-failed rock slope is analyzed and the regional slope instability is investigated by inspecting the hazardous joints and blocks the traces of which is projected on the cut-face. Cross section has been set at the center of rock slope and the traces of both joints and tetrahedral blocks, which potentially can induce the slope failure, are drawn to investigate the failure modes and the triggering mechanism. Automated monitoring system has been established to measure the slope movement and especially, inclinometer has been installed inside DOM borehole to analyze the slope movement by considering the internal rock structure. Algorithms for predicting the slope failure time have been reviewed and the significance of heavy rainfall on the slope behavior has been investigated.


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