Anthropometric Studies on the Analysis of Women's Beautiful Face

20대 여성의 미인형 분석을 위한 계측학적 연구

  • Park, Oak-Reon (Dept of Fashion Design & Merchandising, Kyungsung University) ;
  • Song, Mi-Young (Dept of Fashion Design & Merchandising, Kyungsung University)
  • Published : 2005.10.30


The beauty itself cannot be changed by the time, but the concept of the beauty can be influence by the time and cultural background. The purpose of this study is to analyze the beautiful faces or ugly faces among the young women and to provide useful guideline to make up for the modem concept of beauty. The facial photographs of 180 adlut women(aged between 20 and 29) in Pusan and Ulsan area were sampled to be measured and classified as the beautiful or ordinary or ugly faces. Data were analyzed by Frequencies, Mean, Duncan's Multiple Range Test. The major results were as followings; the Beautiful face has a relatively small face with a broad forehead and a small lower face. It also has a wide palpebral fissure, narrow intercanthal distance, a narrow nose and a big mouth. Physiognomic face length was 182.38mm, the upper face length was 59.82mm, the middle face length 60.82mm, the lower face length 61.76mm, and the index of face length to face breadth was 1.35. And also the faces within the figures are considered as the beautiful or ordinary or ugly faces from those measurements like face length/bizygion breadth, intercanthal distance, mouth width, upper vermilion height, lower vermilion height.