• MA, SANGBACK (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Hanyang University) ;
  • JANG, HO-JONG (Department of Mathematics Hanyang University)
  • Published : 2001.12.31


In this study, we shall be concerned with computing in parallel a few of the smallest eigenvalues and their corresponding eigenvectors of the eigenvalue problem, $Ax={\lambda}Bx$, where A is symmetric, and B is symmetric positive definite. Both A and B are large and sparse. Recently iterative algorithms based on the optimization of the Rayleigh quotient have been developed, and CG scheme for the optimization of the Rayleigh quotient has been proven a very attractive and promising technique for large sparse eigenproblems for small extreme eigenvalues. As in the case of a system of linear equations, successful application of the CG scheme to eigenproblems depends also upon the preconditioning techniques. A proper choice of the preconditioner significantly improves the convergence of the CG scheme. The idea underlying the present work is a parallel computation of the Multi-Color Block SSOR preconditioning for the CG optimization of the Rayleigh quotient together with deflation techniques. Multi-Coloring is a simple technique to obatin the parallelism of order n, where n is the dimension of the matrix. Block SSOR is a symmetric preconditioner which is expected to minimize the interprocessor communication due to the blocking. We implemented the results on the CRAY-T3E with 128 nodes. The MPI(Message Passing Interface) library was adopted for the interprocessor communications. The test problems were drawn from the discretizations of partial differential equations by finite difference methods.