Analysis of Young Adult Information Concentrating on the Significance of Application of Cartoon Characters on Garments

캐릭터를 의류상품에 응용하기 위한 신세대 소비자 정보 분석

  • 김칠순 (경희대학교 의류디자인 전공) ;
  • 조예진 (경희대학교 섬유공학과 대학원생)
  • Published : 2001.07.01


The purpose of this study was to develop a large representative data base for character goods marketing strategy. The study was to determine character name awareness in relation to segmented distribution regions and such demographic variables as sex and age. The author also analyzed preferred design. A total of 360 questionnaires were distributed and 359 reliable ones were used for statistical analysis. A SAS statistical package including frequency tables and Chi square test and factor analysis and Kendall′s relation analyses was used. The results are as follow : character name awareness involves "character name decognition" based on asking subjects to identify character names from 50 given names. "Tele-tubbies" was found to be a dominant commercial character name as a result of the recognition test, and "Sailer-moon" was found to be a dominant animation character goods as a result of the recognition test. Character recognition was significantly different in the segmented distribution legions, three age groups and different sex groups. People considered design first in purchasing any character goods, and they considered color second in purchasing them. The most favored part of garment far character to be stitch to was the center front in the T-shirt/dress shirt, the center back in the Jumper/jacket, back pocket in the trousers/skirt. The results of a Chi-square test showed that preferred part in the trousers/skirt of character was related with age variables.