Synthesis and Piezoelectric Properties of PZT Ceramics will Improved Process

공정개선을 통한 PZT 세라믹스의 합성 및 압전특성

  • Published : 2001.11.01


High-density lead zirconate titanate(Pb(Zr$\_$0.53/Ti$\_$0.47/)O$_3$, PZT) ceramics were fabricated by a new milling-precipitation(MP) process improved from the conventional solid state process. This process was progressed by a milling impregnation through mixing ZrO$_2$ and TiO$_2$ powders with lead nitrate(Pb(NO$_3$)$_2$) water solution in zirconia ball media, and then milling precipitation was induced from precipitation of PbC$_2$O$_4$ by adding ammonium of oxalate monohydrate((NH$_4$)$_2$C$_2$O$_4$$.$H$_2$O) as a precipitant. As a result of this process, single-phase perovskite structure was formed at the calcination temperature of 750$\^{C}$ for Pb(Zr$\_$0.53/Ti$\_$0.47/)O$_3$ powders. In addition, the highest density at the sintering temperature of 1100$\^{C}$ was obtained, because of the highly sinterable PZT Powders ground through the re-milling process. Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of sintered sample were improved by MP process.


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