A Micromechanical Analysis on the Elastic Behavior in Discontinuous Metal Matrix Composites

불연속 금속복합체에서의 탄성거동에 관한 미세구조역학적 해석

  • Published : 1997.09.01


A micromechanics model to describe the elastic behavior of fiber or whisker reinforced metal matrix composites was developed and the stress concentrations between reinforcements were investigated using the modified shear lag model with the comparison of finite element analysis (FEA). The rationale is based on the replacement of the matrix between fiber ends with the fictitious fiber to maintain the compatibility of displacement and traction. It was found that the new model gives a good agreement with FEA results in the small fiber aspect ratio regime as well as that in the large fiber aspect ratio regime. By the calculation of the present model, stress concentration factor in the matrix and the composite elastic modulus were predicted accurately. Some important factors affecting stress concentrations, such as fiber volume fraction, fiber aspect ratio, end gap size, and modulus ratio, were also discussed.


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