The Characteristics of Degradation in Epoxy Composites for Molding Materials of PT

변성기의 몰딩 재료용 에폭시복합체의 열화 특성

  • Park, Geon-Ho (School of Mobile Technology, Chungkang College of Cultural Industries)
  • Published : 2011.06.30


The electrical degradation phenomena of epoxy composites to be used as a molding material for transformers were studied. The electrets were first manufactured by applying high voltages to five kinds of specimens given a mixing rate, and then TSC(Thermally Stimulated Current) values at the temperature range of $-160{\sim}200[^{\circ}C]$ were measured from a series of experiments. The behaviour of carrier and its origin in epoxy composites were examined, respectively. And various effects of electrical degradation on epoxy composites were also discussed in this study.