Lambda shape multiway moving ultrasonic linear motor

람다형 다방향 초음파 선형 모터

  • Published : 2007.06.21


An ultrasonic linear motor using lambda shape vibrators has been designed and fabricated. The multiway ultrasonic motors mainly consist of an lambda shape ultrasonic vibrator which generates elliptical motions in beat. The lambda shape ultrasonic linear motor use longitudinal and bending vibration mode. In order to high precision motion control and multiway moving, piezoceramics were adhered to lambda shape brass elastic material. The finite element method was used to optimize dimension of ultrasonic vibrator and direction of vibratory displacement. As a result of estimating the characteristics of the ultrasonic linear motor, The results have shown that the lambda shape ultrasonic linear motor can be moved multiwav by using the phase control. Close agreement between the FEM results and experimental results obtained for the lambda shape ultrasonic linear motor.