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Parents of Children with Asperger Syndrome: Relationships between Early Attachment Experiences and Parenting Behaviors

  • Angus, Jeanne
    • Child Studies in Asia-Pacific Contexts
    • /
    • v.3 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-12
    • /
    • 2013
  • Research with parents of children with Asperger Syndrome was conducted to assess whether the level of positive parental attachment correlated positively with positive parenting behaviors and negatively with negative parenting behaviors. Participants were recruited from internet. The Parental Bonding Inventory measured parents' perception of their bonding or attachment with three aspects of their own parents: warmth, control, and care. In the Parenting Behavior Inventory, parents reported recent interaction/reaction behaviors with their child, and results focused on two aspects of parenting, supportive/engaged and hostile/coercive behaviors: each identified as problematic to parenting and attributable to a variety of specific parenting behaviors. Analysis of demographic variables for correlations with positive parenting behaviors and negative parenting behaviors were carried out by Pearson correlations. Two separate standard multiple regressions, one for positive parenting behaviors and one for negative parenting behaviors, were conducted. Findings support the hypothesis that positive early attachment experience of parents has a significant impact upon their own positive parenting skills with their child with Asperger Syndrome. However, multiple regression of negative parenting behavior found no significant negative contribution by parental attachment. Demographic variables proved to be important.