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Study on the Electrical Characteristics of the Multi-RESURF SOI LDMOSFET as a Function of Epi-layer Concentration (에피층 농도 변화에 따른 Multi-RESURF SOI LDMOSFET의 전기적 특성 분석)

  • Kim, Hyoung-Woo;Seo, Kil-Soo;Bahng, Wook;Kim, Ki-Hyun;Kim, Nam-Kyun
    • Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers
    • /
    • v.19 no.9
    • /
    • pp.813-817
    • /
    • 2006
  • In this paper, we analyzed the breakdown voltage and on-resistance of the multi-RESURF SOI LDMOSFET as a function of epi-layer concentration. P-/n-epi layer thickness and doping concentration of the proposed structure are varied from $2{\sim}5{\mu}m\;and\;1\{times}10^{15}/cm^{3}^{\sim}9\{times}10^{15}/cm^{3}$ to find optimum breakdown voltage and on-resistance of the proposed structure. The maximum breakdown voltage of the proposed structure is $224\;V\;at\;R_{on}=0.2{\Omega}-mon^{2}\;with\;P_{epi}=3\{times}10^{15}/cm^{3},\;N_{epi}=7\{times}10^{15}/cm^{3}\;and\;L_{epi}=10{\mu}m$. Characteristics of the device are verified by two-dimensional process simulator ATHENA and device simulator ATLAS.