A Study on the Recovery of Sub-Syndromatic Depression in Chinese Students

중국인 유학생의 아증후군적 우울증 회복을 위한 방법 연구

  • Ding, Xianyao (Dept. of Storytelling, Graduate School, Dong-Eui University) ;
  • Lee, YeonWoo (Industry Professional Practice Center, Dong-Eui University) ;
  • Kim, CheeYong (Major of Game Engineering, Dong-Eui University)
  • 정선요 ;
  • 이연우 ;
  • 김치용
  • Received : 2021.05.25
  • Accepted : 2021.09.30
  • Published : 2021.10.30


Lately, the mental issues of Chinese worldwide understudies have become an unavoidable examination issue. As per important explores in different nations, the level of discouragement inclination of Chinese understudies has been on the ascent. This examination utilizes the Bread cook Wretchedness Scale II to test the psychological condition of 249 Chinese understudies concentrating in South Korea. The outcomes show that Chinese understudies in South Korea likewise have a specific level of mental issues. The extent has reached 34.5% of the absolute number of Chinese understudies in South Korea. This exploration investigates the current circumstance dependent on the review results, and directs a top to bottom examination of the attributes of worldwide understudies in Korea. Simultaneously, it is recommended that mental treatment can be utilized to work on their psychological state. Through the pertinent inquiries for grounds mental directing administrations, it obviously presents the issues that Chinese global understudies face in South Korean grounds mental guiding, just as the school's improvement measures. Simultaneously, this examination consolidates the media SNS social stage, investigates existing issues, and proposes how schools can adequately construct a SNS stage at the degree of mental advising, just as the adapting techniques and systems for Chinese understudies dealing with mental issues.