Numerical experimentation for the optimal design for reinforced concrete rectangular combined footings

  • Received : 2017.12.18
  • Accepted : 2018.01.17
  • Published : 2018.01.25


This paper shows an optimal design for reinforced concrete rectangular combined footings based on a criterion of minimum cost. The classical design method for reinforced concrete rectangular combined footings is: First, a dimension is proposed that should comply with the allowable stresses (Minimum stress should be equal or greater than zero, and maximum stress must be equal or less than the allowable capacity withstand by the soil); subsequently, the effective depth is obtained due to the maximum moment and this effective depth is checked against the bending shear and the punching shear until, it complies with these conditions, and then the steel reinforcement is obtained, but this is not guaranteed that obtained cost is a minimum cost. A numerical experimentation shows the model capability to estimate the minimum cost design of the materials used for a rectangular combined footing that supports two columns under an axial load and moments in two directions at each column in accordance to the building code requirements for structural concrete and commentary (ACI 318S-14). Numerical experimentation is developed by modifying the values of the rectangular combined footing to from "d" (Effective depth), "b" (Short dimension), "a" (Greater dimension), "${\rho}_{P1}$" (Ratio of reinforcement steel under column 1), "${\rho}_{P2}$" (Ratio of reinforcement steel under column 2), "${\rho}_{yLB}$" (Ratio of longitudinal reinforcement steel in the bottom), "${\rho}_{yLT}$" (Ratio of longitudinal reinforcement steel at the top). Results show that the optimal design is more economical and more precise with respect to the classical design. Therefore, the optimal design presented in this paper should be used to obtain the minimum cost design for reinforced concrete rectangular combined footings.



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