Exploration of Duty System and Needs Assessment in Lifelong Learning Counseling Practice

평생교육 담당자의 평생학습상담 직무 탐색 및 요구도 분석

  • Received : 2016.10.23
  • Accepted : 2016.12.27
  • Published : 2016.12.30


This study aims to explore the duty system of the lifelong learning counseling, and to analyze the needs of counseling practice which are conceived by lifelong education practitioners. Based on the related prior studies, the duty system of lifelong learning counseling was investigated and classified. Also, differences of how to recognize the importance of counseling job and how to practice counseling are assessed by Borich method. After data were collected by practitioners from lifelong education field, the dependent t-test and the Borich needs assessment formula were used for analysis of the collected data. The results are as follows: the 4 subdivided duties of lifelong learning counseling are formation of relationship, learner's analysis, learning promotion, and follow-up management. The 11 tasks are learner's interview, providing learning information, analysis of learner's characteristics and needs, learning level diagnosis, diagnosis of learning inhibiting factors, promotion of learning motivation, advice of learning course and learning method, support of study circle activity, career planning counseling, follow-up counseling, and counseling evaluation. According to the needs assessment, learner's analysis is conceived as the most important duty among the 4 sub-duties, and learner's analysis is regarded as second important duty by the counseling practitioners. Among the 11 tasks, providing learning information is the most important tasks among counseling practitioners, and analysis of learner's characteristics and needs is followed as second task. The duty system of the lifelong learning counseling and needs assessment data can be used as the basic data for lifelong education practitioners to conduct the duty of lifelong learning counseling efficiently and to support the lifelong learning plan according to learner's characteristics.