A Study on the Method to Apply LED to Fashion Design and Its Expression Characteristic

LED의 패션디자인 적용방법과 표현특성

  • Kim, Eon-Jeong (Dept. of Clothing and Textiles, Kyung Hee University) ;
  • Yoo, Young-Sun (Dept. of Clothing and Textiles, Kyung Hee University)
  • Received : 2011.04.18
  • Accepted : 2011.06.03
  • Published : 2011.09.30


Fashion industry is high value added indust교, whose price is decided by design value so it requires creativity and uniqueness for competition. The purpose of this study is to grasp how the design characteristic of LED that can express new creativity and uniqueness is applied to fashion design and find out the expression characteristic of LED used in fashion design. The study subjects, the design to which LED is applied, were extracted from fashion show and internet search. As a study result, the expression characteristics of LED used for fashion design are as follows. First, for function, tool function that can provide convenience for life and expression function that can provide user with emotional and psychological satisfaction and communication were allowed. Second, for aesthetic changes, many-sided, multiple colors and pattern displays of LED changed design meaning visually and caused aesthetic emotion for observer. Third, for interaction, physical factor of LED, user, dress and environmental factor interacted each other, enabling both-sided communication. Fourth, for amusement, multiple lights of LED activated visual and tactile sense, expressing usefulness and joyfulness on the basis of various display possibilities and changes. The study result will be helpful for developing more unique, creative design according to the change of age and development of science.