An Analysis the Distribution Power System Voltage Sag Case by a High Capacity Motor Connection

대용량 전동기 기동시 배전계통의 순간전압강하 발생사례 분석

  • 박용업 (한전 전력연구원 송배전연구소) ;
  • 이건행 (한전 전력연구원 송배전연구소)
  • Received : 2010.08.12
  • Accepted : 2010.09.14
  • Published : 2010.10.31


Recently, the KEPCO is constructing the PQMS(Power Quality Monitoring System) each of the distribution line and will establish the voltage sag standard based on the long time measurement data of PQMS. The voltage sag prospect is difficult for the power system manager, however, the voltage sag forecasted is very important because the damage effect of the voltage sag is very broad. This paper describes the prospect formula of the voltage sag magnitude in the PCC(Point Common Coupling) by the starting current when the high capacity equipment is connected with the distribution line. To achieve this, this paper has proposed the sag prospect formula revision of KEPCO for the reliability improvement and the proposed formula has been applied the voltage sag real case to inspect the calculation procedure and reliability.


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