An Analysis of Coherence and Resilience Depending on Materials Mixing Ratio in Elastic Landscape Pavement

조경용 탄성포장의 재료 배합비에 따른 결합력과 탄성분석

  • Park, Won-Kyu (Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Honarn University)
  • Received : 2010.08.20
  • Accepted : 2010.11.15
  • Published : 2010.12.31


The demand for elastic pavement, providing comfort for pedestrians is expected to increase continuously but the lack of a standard for materials mixing ratio, that is, the optimal mixing ratio between ERDM chip and polyurethane binder, is still in a trial and error stage. This study aimed at recommending an optimal mixing ratio for elastic landscape pavement through a coherence and resilience test depending on ratio. The test result is outlined as follows. In a tensile strength test, samples B and C indicated a close positive relationship between the binder mixing ratio and tensile strength, indicating that the higher the mixing ratio the higher the tensile strength. In a hardness test, none of samples A, B or C indicated a statistical interrelationship between the binder mixing ratio and hardness. That is, the hardness of the elastic pavement material remained unchanged, irrespective of the binder mixing ratio. In a resilience lest, Samples A and B indicated a close negative interrelation between mixing ratio and resilience, indicating that the higher the mixing ratio, the lower the resilience. Upon analyzing the optimal mixing ratio based on test results, an increase in tensile strength began to slow at a 20% mixing ratio, while resilience began to reduce rapidly at 22%, Thus the optimal range for a mixing ration appeared to be 20~22%. The outcome of this study could to provide guidance for improving the elasticity and stability of elastic pavement.


Supported by : 호남대학교


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