Content Analysis of Secondary School Environmental Education Textbooks and 10th Grade Science Textbooks

중등 환경 교과서와 10학년 과학 교과서의 공통 내용 분석

  • Published : 2008.09.30


This study aims to analyze the science content in secondary school environmental education(EE) textbooks and the environment-related content in secondary school science text- books. Firstly, a total of 73 EE and science textbooks for secondary students were reviewed, which three kinds of textbooks, secondary school EE textbooks and the 10th grade "Science" textbooks, were finally selected for analysis. Three researchers separately analyzed the textbooks using NAAEE framework(1996) for the development of EE materials. In condition that there was a disagreement in their opinion, they had discussed until they came to an agreement. The results showed that secondary school EE textbooks contained more and deeper science concepts than the 10th grade "Science" textbooks, which were evaluated better in all perspectives of the analysis framework. The 10th grade "Science" textbooks had more various teaching and learning activities than EE textbooks. It it expected that the new EE textbook developers should consider the ultimate goal of EE which focused the affective perspectives rather than the cognitive perspectives.