• Kang, Sang-Hyuk (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Seoul) ;
  • Kim, Ba-Ra (Department of Mathematics, Korea University)
  • Published : 2008.09.25


With growing applications of wireless video streaming, an efficient video traffic model featuring modern high-compression techniques is more desirable than ever, because the wireless channel bandwidths are ever limited and time-varying. We propose a modeling and analysis method for video traffic by a class of stochastic processes, which we call '$GEO^Y/G/{\infty}$ input processes'. We model video traffic by $GEO^Y/G/{\infty}$ input process with gamma-distributed batch sizes Y and Weibull-like autocorrelation function. Using four real-encoded, full-length video traces including action movies, a drama, and an animation, we evaluate our modeling performance against existing model, transformed-M/G/${\infty}$ input process, which is one of most recently proposed video modeling methods in the literature. Our proposed $GEO^Y/G/{\infty}$ model is observed to consistently provide conservative performance predictions, in terms of packet loss ratio, within acceptable error at various traffic loads of interest in practical multimedia streaming systems, while the existing transformed-M/G/${\infty}$ fails. For real-time implementation of our model, we analyze G/D/1/K queueing systems with $GEO^Y/G/{\infty}$ input process to upper estimate the packet loss probabilities.