The Design of a K-Band 4$\times$4 Microstrip Patch Array Antennas with High Directitvity

고지향성 구현을 갖는 K-밴드 4$\times$4 마이크로스트립 패치 어레이 안테나의 설계

  • 이하영 (중앙대 공대 전자전기공학부) ;
  • 김형석 (중앙대 공대 전자전기공학부)
  • Published : 2007.01.01


In this paper, two 4$\times$4 rectangular patch array antennas operating at 20 GHz are implemented for the satellite communication. The sixteen patch antennas and microstrip feeding line are printed on a single-layered substrate. The design goal is to achieve high directivity and gain by optimizing design parameters through permutations in element spacing. The spacing between the array elements is chosen to be 0.736$\lambda$. Numerical simulation results indicate that the HPBW(Half-Power Beam Width) of the 4$\times$4 patch array antenna is 18.78 degrees in the E-plane and 18.48 degrees in the H-plane with a gain of 17.18 dBi. Numerical simulations of a 4$\times$4 recessed patch array antenna yield a HPBW of 18.71 degrees in the E-plane and 17.82 degrees in the H-plane with a gain of 19.43 dBi.



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