A study on the Pecuniary mediated Sexual Discussion in Saseol Sijo

금전(金錢)을 매개(媒介)로 한 사설시조(辭說時調)의 성담론(性談論)

  • Published : 2006.07.01


Saseol Sijo which reflects on people's life often showns us relationships between love and economy of those periods' people in Chosun dynasty. Meaning of a word 'housewife' is a woman who supporting and organizing family with her husband. Materialistic problems and economic problems appeared in Saseol Sijo emphasize entertaining and merrymaking rather than struggling to the society enforcing poverty. Therefore, it is often said that Saseol Sijo stimulates overconsumption of goods and money. We can regard sexual discussions appeared in those periods' Saseol Sijo as reflections of desire which are the way of releasing repressed sexual appetite of women or substitutions of satisfying their sexual appetite. Features of housewives appeared in Poong-ryu-bang and Saseol Sijo which are succeeded as productions of merrymaking in Latter half period of Chosun dynasty, can spotlight because of its meanings. It told us not only housewives' roles are started to change but also vivid sexual discussions similar to nowadays things are begun in latter half Period of Chosun dynasty. Main subject pecuniary mediated sexual discussion of housewives appeared in Saseol Sijo teaches a lot of things to twenty first century's contemporary people experiencing collapsed family relationship, pariakapitalismus and wide spread sexual industries.