A Study on evaluation of recognition with type of Housing landscape in Donghae Seaside

동해연안의 주택경관 유형별 인지 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2006.02.27


This study is derived from relation between the natural landscape and architectural landscape. The type of landscape in Donghae seaside consist of three; Road, Mountain, Seaside. And we selected three landscapes about individual housing; Western, Traditional, Modern. This paper is analyzed 18-simulation scenes, which evaluated with semantic differential method in using 12-bipolar adjectives. The results of this study are as follows(ref: table 6). 1)The housing of western style do not correspond with landscape of Road, but landscape of mountain and seaside were suitable to the western style. 2)Mountain in Donghae seaside harmonizes with housing of traditional style. 3)Even though the housing of modern style were marked low assessment in three landscape, we found out relation, modern housing was well-matched with load landscape.