Community Ecological Approach for Sustainable Society

지속가능한 사회를 위한 지역사회 생태적 접근

  • Published : 2004.06.30


This paper discussed community ecological approach for Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Development(ESSD) and Sustainable Society(SS). Community ecology is composed of nature, environment and diverse species and is dynamic and sustainable system by interaction among those components. It is required long-term, integrating and eco-centric stances to achieve ESSD and SS such as eco-city and eco-village movements. This is integrated and complicated perspective beyond traditional dichotomy between human and environment. Community ecological perspective directs people toward ecological society system which creates and maintains adaptable life style under ecological situation in community. Building up eco-parts, eco-cites, eco-villages are crucial movements for promoting human's environmental living standards. These sustainable community movements require people to change their values and life styles suitable for their SS. It is required integrated and balanced perspective and participating endeavor of residents to maintain SS.