A Study on the Emotional Expressions of Design Hotel Interior Space

디자인 호텔 실내공간의 감성적 표현 특성에 관한 연구

  • 김명선 (홍익대학교 건축도시대학원 실내설계전공) ;
  • 김주연 (홍익대학교 미술대학 산업디자인학과)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


Urbanization created by modernization and industrialization has brought tremendous growth of hotel demand with city ' development such as population’s centralization, living environment changes, consumption emphasis, and internationalization. Moreover, the hotel industry has been developed in two ways. First, it has been diversified and popularized by hotel culture. Second, the hotel industry has been upgraded form focusing oh its specific targets. In the view of Hotel design, Hotel was shown as a social and cultural value. Customer can experience the space, not normal big sizes, but being new and reflecting trends regardless of any purposes or locations. The hotels that were resulted in development of American economy and construction since the 1980 had new design concepts. These hotels were one of the examples showing pluralism requiring on modern society. In the case of Korea, Korean Architect Company have built in copying or repacked western hotel without considering Korean local conditions. Korean company just tried to make large scales, high-story buildings, and chain hotels. Nevertheless, it is the current trend to understand the customer's sensitivity and viewpoint by introducing a new style of hotel management that requires variety and different characteristics of hotel design. Therefore, the purpose of this study presents a direction of the future hotel architecture by analyzing design characters of domestic and international hotels, by collecting various consumer's requests.


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