The Effects of Anti Chemotherapy Individualized Education Relationship with Knowledge and Promoting Self Care for Cancer Patients

화학요법에 관한 개별적 환자교육이 암환자의 지식과 자가간호 수행에 미치는 효과

  • 조영수 (중앙대학교 부속 용산병원) ;
  • 류은정 (건국대학교 의과대학 간호학과) ;
  • 최경숙 (중앙대학교 의과대학 간호학과)
  • Published : 2002.08.30


The Cancer Patients are rapidly growing and it became one of the main cause of death. Lately with the effect of Chemotherapy, drastically improved patients quality of life and also Prolonged Life of Cancer Patients. But the Chemotherapy not only Kill the Cancer cells but also harm to normal cells witch Cancer lots of side effect. This study was designed to identify the effectiveness of patient education to reduce side effect and help promote self care. The date was collected from October, 2001 to February, 2002 by questionary Survey Method. The subjects were 24 patients Who were and Anti Chemotherapy C University Hospital. Educated booklet contained what is Chemotherapy, what are the side effects, and to promote Self care, Pre test was given after 3-4 weeks re admission period. Analysis data was done by SPSS Program Paired t-test was used to differentiate Knowledge and difference of performing self care. Relationship in between Knowledge and promoting Self care was used Pearson Correlation. As the result of education, knowledge of self care and performance was drastically increased but the relationship in between knowledge of self care performed was not significant. Therefore it is proposed as follows: 1) Further research with experienced subjects to differentiate experience group and control group. 2) Education program need to be develop and standardize for anti cancer Chemotherapy patient. 3) During 6 cycle of Chemotherapy what is ideal number of in order to get the best result.