A Study of the Scientific Characteristic of Mathematical Concepts and Curriculum Design

수학적 개념의 과학적 성격과 교육과정 구성과의 관련성 연구

  • Published : 2002.05.01


We know that curriculum is, first of all, related to teaching materials, namely, contents. Therefore, when we think of mathematics curriculum, we must take account of characteristic of mathematics. Vygotsky has studied the development of scientific concepts and everyday concepts. According to Vygotsky, scientific concepts grow down through spontaneous concepts; spontaneous concepts grow upward through scientific concepts. And mathematics is a representative of subjects dealing with scientific or theoretical concept. Therefore, his study provides scientific basis for mathematics curriculum design. In this context, Davydov notes that everyday concepts are developed through empirical abstraction, while scientific concepts require a theoretical abstraction. And Davydov constructed the curriculum materials for the teaching of number concept. Davydov's curriculum is an example of reflecting Vygotsky' theoretical view and his view about the types of abstraction. In particular, it represents mathematical characteristic of a 'science' by introducing number concept through quantitative relationship and use of signs. In conclusion, stance mathematical concepts have scientific characteristic, mathematics curriculum reflects this characteristic.