A Study on Buckling Characteristics of 2-way Grid Single-Layer Domes Considering Rigidity-Effect of Roofing Covering Materials

지붕마감재 강성효과를 고려한 2방향 그리드 단층돔의 좌굴특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2002.03.15


Two way grid single-layer domes are of great advantage in fabrication and construction because of the simple fact that they have only four members at each junction. But, from a point of view of mechanics, the rectangular latticed pattern gives rise to a nonuniform rigidity-distribution in the circumferential direction. If the equivalent rigidity is considered in the axial direction of members, the in-plane equivalent shearing rigidity depends only on the in-plane bending rigidity of members and its value is very small in comparison to that of the in-plane equivalent stretching rigidity. It has a tendency to decrease buckling -strength of dome considerably by external force. But it is possible to increase buckling strength by the use of roofing covering materials connected to framework. In a case like this, shearing rigidity of roofing material increases buckling strength of the overall structure and can be designed economically from the viewpoint of practice. Therefore, the purpose of this paper, in Lamella dome and rectangular latticed dome that are a set of 2-way grid dome, is to clarify the effects of roofing covering materials for increasing of buckling strength of overall dome. Analysis method is based on FEM dealing with the geometrically nonlinear deflection problems. The conclusion were given as follows: 1. In case of Lamella domes which have nearly equal rigidity in the direction of circumference, the rigidity of roofing covering materials does not have a great influence on buckling-strength, but in rectangular latticed domes that has a clear periodicity of rigidity, the value of its buckling strength has a tendency to increase considerably with increasing rigidity of roofing covering materials 2. In case of rectangular latticed domes, as rise-span-ratio increases, models which is subjected to pressure -type-uniform loading than vertical-type-uniform loading are higher in the aspects of the increasing rate of buckling- strength according to the rate of shear reinforcement rigidity, but in case of Lamella dome, the condition of loading and rise-span-ratio do not have a great influence on the increasing rate of buckling strength according to the rate of shear reinforcement rigidity.