Removal of Cobalt ion by Foam Flotation(I): Precipitate Flotation

거품부상법을 이용한 코발트이온제거(I): 침전부상법

  • Received : 1998.06.23
  • Accepted : 1998.10.12
  • Published : 1999.02.10


Simulated liquid waste containing 50 ppm cobalt ion was treated by precipitate flotation using the surfactant of sodium lauryl sulfate. The effects of initial cobalt ion concentration, pH, surfactant concentration, removal time, gas flow rate and foreign ions were estimated on removal efficiency. 35% $H_2O_2$ was added for pre-treatment stage before precipitate flotation. As the result of pre-treatment, optimum removal pH and the pH of treated water being discharged were lowed and optimum removal pH range was broadened. For the result of this experiment, 99.8% removal efficiency was obtained at the condition of 50ppm of initial cobalt ion concentration, pH 9.5, 70 mL/min of gas flow rate, and 30 min of removal time. Attraction between precipitate and surfactant was supposed to be influenced by solubility and chemical affinity among species in sloution as well as zeta potential. The influence of foreign ions such as, $NO_3{^-}$, ${SO_4}^{-2}$, $Na^+$, $Ca^{+2}$ on the removal efficiency was also observed. Removal efficiency by precipitate flotation containing 0.1 M of ${SO_4}^{-2}$ ion decreased to 90% due to the decrease of zeta potential and interruption of precipitation.


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