Determination of Haloperidol Serum Levels in Psychiatric Patients with Gas Chromatography-Nitrogen Phosphorus Detection

GC/NPD를 이용한 정신분열증 환자의 혈중 Haloperidol 정량분석

  • Paik, Man-Jeong (Seoul Clinical Laboratories(SCL), Seoul Medical Science Institute) ;
  • Kang, Bo-Kyoung (Seoul Clinical Laboratories(SCL), Seoul Medical Science Institute) ;
  • Lee, Kyoung-Ok (Seoul Clinical Laboratories(SCL), Seoul Medical Science Institute) ;
  • Shin, Ho-Sang (Department of Environmental Education, Kongju University)
  • 백만정 (서울임상병리검사센터(SCL).서울과학연구소) ;
  • 강보경 (서울임상병리검사센터(SCL).서울과학연구소) ;
  • 이경옥 (서울임상병리검사센터(SCL).서울과학연구소) ;
  • 신호상 (공주대학교 환경교육학과)
  • Received : 1997.10.24
  • Published : 1998.06.01


Analytical method of haloperidol (HAL) in serum which has been widely used in therapy of schizophrenic disorders is developed. Gas chromatography/nitrogen-phosphorus detection (GC/NPD) was used for this study. Bromoperidol was used as an internal standard and diethylether as a solvent of three-step extraction. The extraction yield in this procedure was $67.5{\pm}1.9%$ at 15 ng/mL. A good linear response in the range of 1~40 ng/mL was obtained with correlation coefficient of $r^2=0.999$. Detection limit was 0.5 ng/mL when 2 mL of serum was used. This method was applied for the analysis of HAL in serum of schizophrenic patients. After HAL decanoate (HD) was intaken as intramuscular route, HAL levels were determined at second week and forth week. From the result, the concentration of HAL at forth week appeared to 29.6% lower than those at second week. The present method showed low detection limit and high selectivity. Therefore it can be applied for the trace analysis of HAL in serum and the monitoring.

정신질환 치료에 가장 폭넓게 사용되는 haloperidol(HAL)의 혈중농도 분석법이 개발되었다. 이 연구를 위하여 gas chromatography/nitrogen-phosphorus detection(GC/NPD)을 이용하였으며, bromoperidol을 내부표준물질로 사용하였고, 시료전처리 방법으로써 diethylether를 추출용매로 사용하는 3단계 추출법을 사용하였다. 이 과정에 있어서 추출효율은 15 ng/mL에서 $67.5{\pm}1.9%$이었고, 1~40 ng/mL 범위에서 상관계수 $r^2=0.999$인 좋은 직선성을 얻었으며, 혈청을 2 mL 사용했을 때 검출한계는 0.5 ng/mL이었다. 정신분열증 환자의 혈청내 HAL을 분석하기 위하여 이 방법을 적용하였다. Haloperidol decanoate(HD)를 정신분열증 환자에 근육주사한 후, 2주와 4주째의 HAL level을 조사한 결과 4주째에 HAL의 농도가 2주째보다 29.6% 낮게 나타났다. 제시된 방법은 낮은 검출한계와 높은 선택성을 나타냈다. 그러므로 본 연구 방법은 혈청내 HAL의 미량분석과 모니터링에 이용될 수 있을 것이다.