Brain-stem Auditory Evoked Responses as a Diagnostic tool for Deafness in Dogs

개에서 Brain-stem Auditory Evoked Responses를 이용한 Deafness 진단

  • Published : 1998.06.01


These experiments were designed to evaluate the possibility of brain-stem auditory evoked responses(BAER) as a diagnostic tool for deafness in dogs. The BAER was recorded from three different groups of dogs; the normal dogs,'dog with otitis externa and dogs with unilateral destruction of cochlear. BAER of the normal dogs was consisted of distinct five peaks(I, II, III-IV, V). Furthermore, the clear shapes of waveform were observed at 85 dB. The latency of BAER was increased with reducing the intensity of sound-stimulus. The highest threshold of BAER was measured at 2 KHz with 10-30 dB. Dog with otitis externs demonstrated unclear shapes of BAER compared to the that of normal dogs. In the dogs with unilateral destruction of cochlear, the flat and indistinct waveform of BAER was recorded from the cochlear destroyed ear while that of BAER from normal side of ears did not show any differences from the normal BAER. These results indicate that the BAER can be clinically used in order to diagnose the deafness in dogs.



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