Effects of Amylose Content on Quality of Rice Bread

아밀로오스 함량이 쌀식빵의 특성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1998.06.01


Seven varieties (Suweonjo, Suweon232, BG276-5, IR44, IR41999-139, Suweon230 and Yongjubyeo) of rice were used to study for making rice bread by amylose content. Suweonjo had the highest amylose content (27.07%) and Yongjubyeo had the lowest one (17.17%). Suweonjo showed the highest volume after baking, while Yongjubyeo the lowest volume one. Volume and hardness of the rice bread decreased as amylose content decreased. The amylose content was not associated with hardness and color values of rice bread after baking. Sensory evaluation for internal parts of rice bread showed that score of air cell, color of crumb, aroma, taste, chewability and texture decreased as amylose content increased, while volume of rice bread increased. The low-amylose rice cultivar revealeded better suitability for rice bread.