Determination of Weighting Factor in the Inverse Model for Estimating Surface Velocity from AVHRR/SST Data

AVHRR/SST로 부터 표층유속을 추정하기 위한 역행렬 모델에서 가중치의 설정

  • Published : 1995.12.30


The inverse method has been used to estimate a surface velocity field from sequential AVHRR/SST data. In the model, equation system was composed of heat equation and horizontal divergence minimization and the velocity field contained in the advective term of the heat equation, which was linearized in grid system, was estimated. A constraint was the minimization of horizontal divergence with weighting factor and introduced to compensate the null space(Menke, 1984) of the velocity solutions for the heat equation. The experiments were carried out to set up the range of weighting factor and the matrix equation was solved by SVD(Singular Value Decomposion). In the experiment, the scales of horizontal temperature gradient and divergence of synthetic velocity field were approximated to those of real field. The neglected diffusive effect and the horizontal variation of heat flux in the heat equation were regarded as random temperature errors. According to the result of experiments, the minimum of relative error was more desirable than the minimum of misfit as the criteria of setting up the weighting factor and the error of estimated velocity field became small when the weighting factor was order of $10^{-1}$