Generation of a practical visual field for the design and evaluation

제품설계와 평가를 위한 시각영역의 생성

  • 기도형 (계명대학교 산업공학과)
  • Published : 1995.04.01


Depending upon the eye and head movement, the visual field is often classified into three categories ; stationary field, eye field and head and eye field. To investigate the effect of background condition on the size of the visual field, an experiment was conducted, in which the subject was instructed to search a target with distinct orientations. In each trial, a single target was presented on the perimeter modified to cover the range of 330 .deg. around the fixation point, with the visual angle subtended 1.4 .deg. vertically and horizontally. Nontarget density, meridian, size contrast and subject showed a significant effect on the visual field at .alpha. =0.01, where density was inversely proportional to the size of the visual field, and size contrast linearly proportional to the size of the visual field. The size of the visual field on horizontal axis was larger than that on vertical axis, and that on right and upper meridian was also larger than on left and lower meridian. The shape was found to be horizontally oriented oval and statistically asymmetric with respect to horizontal and vertical axes. In addition, the regression equations to predict the visual field on the given background condition were suggested. These results were expected to be used as a design guideline when arranging displays and controls on panels such as automobile display panels, cockpits, etc.