Shape deformation and wear sensation in wearing on support type panty stocking

고탄력 팬티스타킹 착용에 의한 형태변형 및 착용감

  • 류현혜 (효성여자대학교 가정대학 의류학과) ;
  • 성수광 (효성여자대학교 가정대학 의류학과)
  • Published : 1995.04.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate the elastic effect of deformation and restriction in wearing a support type panty stocking (PS). The study investigated deformation rate in all surface area, deformation rate in local area, length deformation rate, changes in slip and feeling of restriction under the standard laboratory condition. Two healthy adult females in twenties wore four types of PS. The result were as follows : The deformation rate in all surface area was 117 .approx. 132% in wearing support type PS, 157% in wearing mono type PS, due to the intensities of restriction. The deformation rate in local area was in order, course > oblique > wale direction. The largest deformation rate was observed in hip girth. Between the deformation rates in all surface and local areas was a high correlation acknowledged, especially the course direction showed a high correlation. Support type PSs showed more deformation and changes of slip than wool and mono type PS. Especially, changes of slip at the knee appeared greatly. The responses of restriction evaluated from a paired comparison method were in order, JS 2 > KS 4 > KS 9 > KS 5 > KS 1 > KM 3.