Comparison of the Bioavailability of Calcium from Anchovy, Tofu and Nonfat Dry Milk(NFDM) in Growing Male Rats

칼슘공급원으로서 건멸치, 두부, 탈지분유의 체내이용성 연구

  • 이성현 (수원대학교 가정대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1994.06.01


This study was to compare the bioavailability of calcium from anchovy and tofu to those of calcium from calcium carbonate(CaCO3)as the control diet and non-fat dry milk(NFDM). Rats weighing 50-60g were placed on experimental diets and deionized water at free access for 4 weeks. Diets contained 0.2% calcium from calcium-carbonate, NFDM, anchovy, tofu or 0.5% calcium as obtained were as follows : 1) No significant differences in the apparent absorption of calcium(62.5%-71.0%) were observed in the rats fed four different calcium sources at the level of 0.2% while 0.5% calcium diet group apparently absorbed calcium less efficiently(52.2%). 2) Bone length of tibia and femur was not significantly different among the groups, though 0.5% calcium of control group showed slightly longer length. 3) Tibia fat-free dry weights of 0.2% calcium of NFDM and anchovy diet groups were not significantly different from that of 0.5% calcium of control group. For femurs NFDM, anchovy and tofu groups were similar in their fat-free dry weight to that of 0.5% calcium group. 4) For calcium contents tibia contents tibia from anchovy treated group showed higher value than calcium-carbonate and tofu groups and the value was not significantly different from that of 0.5% calcium group. In femur NFDM, tofu and calcium-carbonate groups were not significantly different in their calcium content but 0.5% calcium group had higher level of calcium than 0.2% calcium groups. 5) The normalized values(NV) show that there was no significant differences in NV among 0.2% CaCO3 anchovy and tofu groups, while NV of NFDM group was significantly lower than that of calcium-carbonate group. NV of 0.5% calcium group was a little more than 50% of those in 0.2% calcium groups. Though the values obtained for the calcium bioavailability were somewhat variable among experimental products, it was demonstrated that anchovy and tofu are as good as NFDM for the dietary calcium provider when calcium intake is at marginal level.