Mixed convection from two isothermal, vertical, parallel plates

등온 수직 평판에서의 혼합대류 열전달

  • Published : 1990.11.01


The steady laminar mixed convection from two finite vertical parallel plates has been studied by numerical procedure. The governing equations are solved by the finite difference method and point successive over relaxation scheme at R3=100-1000, Gr=0-10$^{6}$ , Pr=0.71 and dimensionless plate spacing b/$\ell$=0.05-0.1. The plume interaction caused by the thermal interference of two plates is observed. As Reynolds numbers are increased, optimum plate spacings are moved to narrow spacings at the same Grashof number, and as Grashof numbers are increased, to wide spacings at the same Reynolds number.

본 연구에서는 두 개의 수직 등온 평판이 평행하게 배열된 경우의 혼합대류 열전달에 대하여 무차원 평판 간격, b/l와 Grashof수, 레이놀즈수를 변수로 유한차분 법을 사용 수치해석하고, 두평판사잉의 간섭현상과 열전달을 최대로 하는 최적 평판간 격을 구하였다.