A Study on the Energy Saving Plan by the Utilization of transport System -Concerned to Cargo transportation-

수송체계의 효율화를 통한 에너지절약방안에 관한 연구 -화물윤송을 대상으로-

  • Published : 1985.10.01


The transportation productivity is the throughput of utility per locations of resources and is able to be brought forth by using transportation mode. Therefore, Oil energy is necessary for using the transportation mode that is mainly consisted of four parts trucks, railroad, ship and aircraft, and Oil quantity used for such modes is not respectively same. Noticing Such a Point, the purpsoe of this paper is to reaserch the transportation mode of convertable cargoes and to minimize energy consumption quantity by adopting such a mode. We must ttend to Energy-Intensity, Transportation, Distance and cargo quantity for selecting the transport mode to energy consumption and the minimization of transportation energy consumption is concluded in the next LP Problem. As above mentioned, we can find the solution of Xij by the LP when Xij is transportation cargo per routes, and fullfil the minimization of Energy Consumption.