Development of High-Sensitivity Detection Sensor and Module for Spatial Distribution Measurement of Multi Gamma Sources

감마선원의 공간분포 가시화 및 3D모델링을 위한 운용환경 개발

  • Published : 2017.10.25


In case of dismantling of nuclear power generation facility or radiation accident, the accurate information of gammaray source is essential for rapid decontamination. In order to more efficiently represent the position of the gamma ray to be removed, we create a spatial domain based on the real image. And we can perform decontamination of gamma-ray source more quickly by expressing the distribution of radiation source. The developed gamma ray imaging device overlaps with the visible image after gamma - ray detection and provides only two - dimensional image, but it does not show the distance information to the source. In this paper, we have developed a operation environment using the 3D visualization model for reporting effective decontamination operation.


Supported by : 국방과학연구소