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Mediating Effect of Ease of Use and Customer Satisfaction in the Relationship between Mobile Shopping Mall of Service Quality and Repurchase Intention of University Student consumer (모바일쇼핑몰 서비스품질과 대학생 고객의 재구매의도 관계에서 사용용이성과 고객만족도의 매개효과)

  • Kim, Sun-A;Park, Ji-Eun;Park, Song-Choon
    • Management & Information Systems Review
    • /
    • v.38 no.1
    • /
    • pp.201-223
    • /
    • 2019
  • The purpose of this study is to verify empirically the causal relationship between service quality, ease of use, customer satisfaction, and repurchase intention of mobile shopping mall. And this study is to investigate the ease of use and customer satisfaction mediating effect of between service quality and repurchase intention. Therefore, 323 university students in Jeonnam area were surveyed and the structural equation model was derived based on previous research. Service quality of mobile shopping mall make a significant effect on using easiness, purchasing satisfaction and repurchase intention. However, among service quality of mobile shopping mall, service scape like mobile interface and site design made a positive effect on purchasing satisfaction, but did not any effect on repurchase intention. In other words, service quality factors that make positive effects on customer's pleasant using and repurchase intention make a positive effect on repurchase intention when providing and using the service customer wants faithfully rather than external part of the site and mutually influencing attitude or behavior well. The implications suggested by this study are as follows. First, service quality of mobile shopping mall makes a significant effect on repurchase intention, so it's necessary to improve CS service system so as to treat customers' inquiries or inconveniences actively during mobile shopping and return and refund of defective products quickly and conveniently. And, in addition to the finally used factors in analysis process, benefits using customers' grade by number of purchases, such as various events, coupons, reserve, etc. and active contents marketing strategies providing more various pleasures and values of shopping are necessary. Second, satisfaction of mobile shopping mall makes a positive effect on repurchase intention, so visiting of site and repurchasing of product are continuously done as customers' satisfaction on shopping mall is increasing. Therefore, shopping mall site requires differentiation of contents, exact plan and practice of service, marketing, etc. so that customers can feel more satisfaction. This study is significant as it systematically analyzed concepts of components that service quality of mobile shopping mall makes an effect on using easiness, purchasing satisfaction, and repurchase intention, verified the relations, systematized it by theoretical structure, and widened the understanding of effects making an effect on repurchase intention.

Information Search Factor of Consumer Behavior -In case of purchasing electric goods- (소비자의 정보탐색 행동에 관한 연구 -가전제품 구매행동을 중심으로-)

  • 강미옥
    • Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association
    • /
    • v.30 no.1
    • /
    • pp.149-161
    • /
    • 1992
  • The purpose of this study is to analyze information search activity in purchasing behavior of household electric goods. Qusetionare survey method was used in this research. The sample was taken from 302 housewives living in Seoul, from 9th of Nov. to 20th of Nov, in 1991. Used statical methods were Frequency, Percentage, Crosstab, Anova, and Regression Analysis. The major findings are summarized as follows : 1) Component elements of information search : The means of acquiring information is that friends, neighbors, sales are most. A cause of choosing information is the sequence of satisfaction after using, easiness of interaction. The time in choosing goods is more month. 2) Component element of information search as social economic status housewife : children numbers and means of acquiring information(P<.01), education and a cause of choosing information(P<.05), life cost per month and a cause of choosing information(P<.05), social economic status and a time information search are significant. 3) A perception of risk as searching information : Among searching content of information a price influence a perception of risk. 4) Content of searching information and satisfaction of purchasing experience : Best choice is significant as quality of goods, difference of quality is significant as safety and degree of offering information is significant as a brand. 5) Satisfaction of purchasing experience following practical use of information : Best choice is significant as viewing of an exhibit and opinion of user. Difference of quality is not significant as any vairable. Degree of offer information influence searching pamphlet, searching an advertisement and opinion of user. 6) A perception of risk following source of an information : A perception of risk is most influenced by pamphlet.

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