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Rocking response of self-centring wall with viscous dampers under pulse-type excitations

  • Zhang, Lingxin;Huang, Xiaogang;Zhou, Zhen
    • Earthquakes and Structures
    • /
    • v.19 no.3
    • /
    • pp.215-226
    • /
    • 2020
  • A self-centering wall (SCW) is a lateral resistant rocking system that incorporates posttensioned (PT) tendons to provide a self-centering capacity along with dampers to dissipate energy. This paper investigates the rocking responses of a SCW with base viscous dampers under a sinusoidal-type pulse considering yielding and fracture behaviour of the PT tendon. The differences in the overturning acceleration caused by different initial forces in the PT tendon are computed by the theoretical method. The exact analytical solution to the linear approximate equation of motion is also provided for slender SCWs. Finally, the effects of the ductile behaviour of PT tendons on the rocking response of a SCW are analysed. The results demonstrate that SCWs exhibit two overturning modes under pulse excitation. The overturning region with Mode 1 in the PT force cases separates the safe region of the wall into two parts: region S1 with an elastic tendon and region S2 with a fractured tendon. The minimum overturning acceleration of a SCW with an elastic-brittle tendon becomes insensitive to excitation frequency as the PT force increases. After the plastic behaviour of the PT tendon is considered, the minimum overturning acceleration of a SCW is increased significantly in the whole range of the studied wg/p.