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A Study on the College Student's Recognition and Consumption of Antioxidant in Seoul Area (대학생의 항산화에 대한 인식 및 항산화 식품 섭취 실태 -서울 지역을 중심으로-)

  • Lee, Young Soon;Bang, Hyeon Ho;Du, Xin Yi;Lee, Hye Won;Li, Feng Xiao;Jeon, Hyo Ju;Jun, Young Mi
    • Journal of the East Asian Society of Dietary Life
    • /
    • v.22 no.6
    • /
    • pp.758-771
    • /
    • 2012
  • This research contains awareness of antioxidant and intakes of antioxidant foods for the present evaluate college students in Seoul, 375 patients were investigated. The subjects, the woman college student more than male's responded, showed a uniform distribution in the allowance, grade and the most type of residence is living apart from their family. All male and female college students recognize a lot about health, but male college students had higher than female students interested in the health, on the other hand, female college students had higher than male college students for the health efforts for the promotion of a healthy. Awareness about the oxide and active oxygen is moderate level, but knowledge about active oxygen is low level, they responded that active oxygen was caused when received stress or do strenuous exercise. General Health Functional Foods recognized that the usual intake, but intake of antioxidant was when the activity was caused by active oxygen. They recognized that the antioxidant effect is anti-aging and vitamin, wine and tea, were perceived as antioxidant foods, are popularly known. Usually, people was initially recognized through the internet in university or high school, they desire to obtain information was high but the effort to gain understanding and knowledge about antioxidant are relatively low. The result of comparing the difference of natural antioxidant foods and antioxidant healthy functional foods, recognizes of effects and absorption rate are similar, but recognizes that natural food intake is better recognition in the economics and health functional food is better recognition in the easy intake and nature foods was more preferred than functional foods because of nature friendly. Trying to intake of antioxidant foods is low, but people is expected anti-aging and fatigue recovery through the intake of antioxidant food. People think that intake is irrelevant to the season, but summer is higher than other seasons. Showed that efficacy perceptions about health supplements are higher, but efficacy perceptions about antioxidant health supplements when ingested are at a moderate level, which is lower, due to low antioxidant for understanding. Antioxidant functional health food intake will be affected the gifts or the people around them and purchase is also more influenced by surround people than themselves. So showed that most college students prefer natural antioxidant foods than antioxidant health supplements, in case of ingested antioxidant health supplements also showed that it was consumed by surround people than personal will.