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Low Temperature Sintered $CaZr(BO_3)_2$ Microwave Dielectric Ceramics for LTCC Application ($CaZr(BO_3)_2$ 세라믹스의 저온 소결 및 마이크로웨이브 유전 특성)

  • Nam, Myoung-Hwa;Kim, Hyo-Tae;Kim, Jong-Hee;Mahm, Sahn
    • Proceedings of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers Conference
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    • pp.259-259
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    • 2007
  • The low temperature sintering of dolomite type borates, $CaZr(BO_3)_2$[CZB] ceramics and their microwave dielectric properties were investigated The sintering temperature of CZB ceramics could be reduced from $1150^{\circ}C$ to $925^{\circ}C$ by the addition of sintering additive. $CaZrO_3$, $ZrO_2$ and $CaB_2O_4$ second phases were found in the CZB ceramics. The syntheses, sintering properties, microstructures, and dielectricnproperties of dolomite-type borates were examined by XRD, thermal analysis, electron microscopy, network analyzer, and the results are discussed intensively. The compatibility with silver electrode was also explored.

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