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Difference in Weed Population as Affected by a Cropping Pattern in Paddy Field (논 작부체계(作付體系) 양식(樣式)에 따른 잡초발생양상(雜草發生樣相)의 변화(變化))

  • Ku, Y.C.;Yun, S.H.;Park, S.H.
    • Korean Journal of Weed Science
    • /
    • v.5 no.2
    • /
    • pp.137-142
    • /
    • 1985
  • This experiment was conducted to know the difference in weed population in the five cropping patterns kept same for six years from 1976 such as ricebarley, potato-rice, pea-rice, rice-rye, and rice-fallow. More and many weeds were growing in single cropping field than double cropping field. Dominant weed species in pea-rice and potato-rice cropping patterns were M. vaginalis and S. hotarui, M. vaginalis and P. distinctus. Coefficient of similarity of the cropping patterns between pea-rice and potato-rice appeared higher than single cropping system. However, pea-rice and rice-fallow cropping patterns showed low coefficient of similarity.

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