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Bioavailability of Aspartic Acid Chelated Iron on Iron-deficient Rats (아스파르트산 킬레이트 철분의 철분 결핍쥐에서의 생물학적 유용성)

  • Park, Myoung-Gyu;Ha, Tae-Yul;Shin, Kwang-Soon
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition
    • /
    • v.40 no.12
    • /
    • pp.1720-1725
    • /
    • 2011
  • Aspartic acid chelated iron (Asp-Fe) was synthesized by a new method using calcium carbonate, aspartic acid, and ferrous sulfate. This study was carried out to investigate the bioavailability of Asp-Fe in iron-deficient rats. We divided the rats into four experimental groups. The first was the normal diet control group, or NC. The second was the no treated control group of iron-deficient (ID) rats, or ID+C. The third was the heme-iron (heme-Fe) treated group of ID rats, ID+heme-Fe. And the fourth was the Asp-Fe treated group of ID rats, or ID+Asp-Fe. There were no differences among any of the experimental groups in diet consumption, change of body weight, or the weight of the livers, kidneys, or spleens. After 7 days of feeding, the iron content in the sera of the ID+Asp-Fe group (175.2 ${\mu}g$/dL) and the ID+heme-Fe group (140.8 ${\mu}g$/dL) were significantly higher than that of the ID-C group (96.1 ${\mu}g$/dL). The total iron binding capacity (TIBC) of the ID+Asp-Fe group (735.4 ${\mu}g$/dL) was significantly normalized compared to the ID+C group (841.9 ${\mu}g$/dL) or ID+heme-Fe group (824.6 ${\mu}g$/dL). The hematocrit level of the ID+Asp-Fe group was increased to normal levels, but there was no statistical difference among ID groups. The absorption ratio of heme-Fe was 21.3% and that of Asp-Fe was 50.2%, which indicates a 2.3 times higher ratio in comparison with heme iron. With the above results we found that Asp-Fe seems to be an efficient form of iron to supply iron deficient rats in order to cure them of anemia. Thus, these findings suggest that aspartic acid chelated iron has the potential to serve as a functional food related to iron metabolism.