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Development a Standard Curriculum Model of Next-generation Software Education (차세대 소프트웨어(SW)교육 표준 모델 개발)

  • Kim, Kapsu;Koo, Dukhoi;Kim, Seongbaeg;Kim, Soohwan;Kim, Yungsik;Kim, Jamee;Kim, Jaehyoun;Kim, Changsuk;Kim, Chul;Kim, Hanil;Kim, Hyeoncheol;Park, Namje;Park, Jungho;Park, Phanwoo;Seo, Insoon;Seo, Jungyun;Sung, Younghoon;Song, Taeok;Lee, Youngjun;Lee, Jaeho;Lee, Jungseo;Lee, Hyeonah;Lee, Hyeongok;Jun, Soojin;Jeon, Yongju;Jeong, Youngsik;Jeong, Inkee;Choi, Sookyoung;Choi, Jeongwon;Han, Sungwan
    • Journal of The Korean Association of Information Education
    • /
    • v.24 no.4
    • /
    • pp.337-367
    • /
    • 2020
  • In this study, the standard model of next-generation software(SW) education was developed to expand SW education for fostering future talents and to prepare a consistent SW education application system for elementary, middle and high schools in the next revised curriculum. To this end, based on the study of the standard model for elementary and secondary SW education conducted in 2017~2018 academics, basic research and analysis on domestic and foreign SW education, public forums of related organizations and experts, global SW education workshops, and public hearings are held. Through this process, a consistent application system for SW education in elementary, middle, and high schools was established, and the next generation SW education standard curriculum model that can be connected to higher education and industry was developed.