• Title/Summary/Keyword: Improvement of measurement methods of stand volume

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Studies on the Efficient Improvement of Measurement Methods of Stand Volume (임분재적(林分材積) 측정법(測定法)의 효율적(效率的) 개선방안(改善方案)에 관(關)한 연구(研究))

  • Lee, Jong Lak;Yun, Jong Hwa;Lee, Heung Kyun;Kim, Chang Soo
    • Journal of Korean Society of Forest Science
    • /
    • v.76 no.3
    • /
    • pp.181-192
    • /
    • 1987
  • The purpose of this study is to develop the method of stand volume estimation by the plotless sampling method. The required data were obtained from 164 sampling plots in the red pine(Pinus densiflora) stands which were located in Kyeong-gi, Chung-nam, Chung-buk and Kang-won areas, and related factors were measured actually. The method of stand volume estimation and several tables were drivel from these data. 1. The relationship between the values of stand average height, basal area per ha, and basal area height obtained from the plotless sampling method and values measured actually could be described by the equation Y=bx, where b approached nearly 1.0 and there were no significant differences between them. Therefore stand volumes could be estimated by the plotless sampling method. 2. The estimated equations of the stand voulumes, which were estimated using factors to be measured by dendrometer, are as follows ; logV=-0.0208+0.8497 logGH, logV=-0.0028+0.7981 logG+0.9313 logH. Stand volume tables by these estimated equations were shown in table 4, 5 and estimation error percentages were 9.16% and 8.50% respectively. FH=D/(1.5205+0.0994D) logFH=0.0451+0.2429 logD+0.3474 logH logFG=-0.0380+0.7758logG-0.0066logH F=H/ (-5.1697+2.6013H) F=FH/(-3.1256+2.7611FH) logF=-0.0634-0.0848 logGH-0.1224 logDi 4. Stand form height tables(table7, 8), form basal area tables(table 9), and stand form factor tables(table 10, 11) were prepared using the above estimated equations, and the estimation error percentages were less than 10%.

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