• Title/Summary/Keyword: Fuzzy connectives and aggregation operators

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Weakening- free non-associative fuzzy logics: mica- norm (based) logics

  • Yang, Eun-Suk
    • 한국논리학회:학술대회논문집
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    • pp.38-66
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    • 2009
  • Weakening-free non-associative fuzzy logics, which are based on mica-norms, are introduced as non-associative substructural logics extending $GL_{e\bot}$ (Non-associative Full Lambek calculus with exchange and constants T, F) introduced by Galatos and Ono (cf. see [10, 11]). First, the mica-norm logic MICAL, which is intended to cope with the tautologies of left-continuous conjunctive mica-norms and their residua, and several axiomatic extensions of it are introduced as weakening-free non-associative fuzzy logics. The algebraic structures corresponding to the systems are then defined, and algebraic completeness results for them are provided. Next, standard completeness (i,e. completeness with respect to algebras whose lattice reduct is the real unit interval [0, 1]) is established for these logics by using Jenei and Montagna-style approach for proving standard completeness in [7, 18].

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