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Near-infrared face recognition by fusion of E-GV-LBP and FKNN

  • Li, Weisheng;Wang, Lidou
    • KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (TIIS)
    • /
    • v.9 no.1
    • /
    • pp.208-223
    • /
    • 2015
  • To solve the problem of face recognition with complex changes and further improve the efficiency, a new near-infrared face recognition algorithm which fuses E-GV-LBP and FKNN algorithm is proposed. Firstly, it transforms near infrared face image by Gabor wavelet. Then, it extracts LBP coding feature that contains space, scale and direction information. Finally, this paper introduces an improved FKNN algorithm which is based on spatial domain. The proposed approach has brought face recognition more quickly and accurately. The experiment results show that the new algorithm has improved the recognition accuracy and computing time under the near-infrared light and other complex changes. In addition, this method can be used for face recognition under visible light as well.