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Diffusivities of Co-60 through the Clay with varying bulk density. (점토층의 밀도 변화에 따른 Co-60의 확산속도)

  • Suk, Tae-Won;Kim, Hong-Tae;Mho, Se-Young
    • Journal of Radiation Protection and Research
    • /
    • v.20 no.4
    • /
    • pp.265-274
    • /
    • 1995
  • Diffusivity of ions of radioactive species is an important factor for designing radwaste repositories. Clay minerals are used as a backfill material. In this study, diffusion of Co-60 ions through the bentonite having various densities has been studied, using a diffusion cell. The measured diffusivities of Co-60 ions decreased as the density of bentonite increased. The diffusivity of Co-60 ion decreased from $8.79{\times}10^{11}m^2/s$ to $6.82{\times}10-13m^2/s$ as the clay dry bulk density increased from 0.41 to 2.03g/cm3. The diffusivity of Co ion was larger than that of Sr ion at low density, but the diffusivity of Co ion decreased rapidly as the density of clay increased and became smaller than that of Cs ion at high density. This phenomenon is thought to be caused by the rapid decrease of the fraction of mobile cation since the chemical combination of Co ions with oxygen or oxide on clay surface and the entrance of Co ions into the crystal structure of clay increase as the clay density increases. This change should be considered especially in designing the clay back fill for low and intermediate radwaste disposal facilities.

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