• Title, Summary, Keyword: Corporate Community Investment (CCI)

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The Types and Processes of Corporate Philanthropy Programs on Forestry in Korea 500 Companies (국내 500대 기업의 산림분야 사회공헌활동 프로그램의 유형과 추진방식)

  • Kim, Jae-Hyun;Chang, Chu-Youn;Tae, Yoo-Lee;Kim, Hae-Chang
    • Journal of Korean Society of Forest Science
    • /
    • v.99 no.6
    • /
    • pp.816-826
    • /
    • 2010
  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the types and processes of corporate philanthropy programs on forestry in Korea 500 largest companies. The result shows that 75 companies of Korea 500 companies (15.0%) participated in corporate philanthropy program related to forestry and there are 113 programs that those companies are proceeding. The types of 108 programs can be divided into 5 parts; 1) volunteer work, 2) creating forests & management, 3) one-time planting work, 4) forest education, 5) training experts & job creation. Among them, volunteer work (55.6%) and creating forests & management (29.6%) showed high proportion. The process of programs depends on their types. The volunteer and one-time planting work were mainly proceeded directly by corporate volunteer organization. But creating forests & management, forest education and training experts & job creation were usually proceeded in consort with local governments, NPOs and NGOs, and so on. These results show that Korean corporate philanthropy in forestry is progressing to strategic philanthropy through participation and partnership of various social groups. This shows the possibility to progress corporate community investment (CCI) with forest education and training experts & job creation.

A Study on the Effectiveness of the Corporate Social Contribution Activities in the Local Community: Focusing on the Local People (기업 사회공헌활동의 지역사회 참여수준에 따른 지역사회발전 효과성 분석 -지역주민을 중심으로-)

  • Kim, Jae-Hyun;Lee, Mi-Hong;Lee, Hyo-Jung;Chang, Chu-Youn
    • Journal of the Economic Geographical Society of Korea
    • /
    • v.15 no.2
    • /
    • pp.258-273
    • /
    • 2012
  • The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of the community development by the community involvement level of the corporate social contribution activities. This study classified Korean company's best social contribution activities according to the community involvement level and the effectiveness of the community development was analyzed on selected case activities. As a result, corporations that working on high level of community involvement show positive effectiveness of community development. Networking and communication with local people on the corporate social contribution activities have an effect on the community development of the economy, safety, convenience, comfortability, socio-cultural factor. It is necessary for the participation and communication with local people to develop corporate social contribution consistently. Furthermore, intermediary organization is needed to be set up various networks of stakeholders, especially community.

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